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Legal Notices

Client information FinSA 

Based on the legal requirements of Art. 8 ff. of the Financial Services Act, we would like to provide you with this information sheet to give you an overview of Valère Consulting SA and their services. We ask you to take note of this information.


Company information


Valère Consulting SA

Clausiusstrasse 50

CH-8006 Zürich

+41 44 880 70 10


Supervisory status

For our activities as managers of collective investment schemes in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Financial Institutions, we are licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. However, day-to-day supervision is the responsibility of a supervisory organization. We are supervised by AOOS.


AOOS - Schweizerische Aktiengesellschaft für Aufsicht

Clausiusstrasse 50

8006 Zürich

+41 44 215 98 98



Valère Consulting SA is affiliated with the independent ombudsman office OFS «Ombud Finanzen Schweiz, which is recognised by the Federal Department of Finance. Disputes concerning legal claims between the customer and the financial services provider should be settled by an ombudsman's office, if possible, within the framework of a mediation procedure.


OFS Ombud Finanzen Schweiz

Rue du Conseil Génénral 10

CH-1205 Genf

+41 22 808 04 51


Information on the financial service offered

Upon request, Valère Consulting SA provides its clients with portfolio-related asset management services or prepares a consolidated asset overview.


A portfolio-related asset management contract is understood to be the management of a total of the client's assets. The client delegates the decision on the investments to Valère Consulting SA (based on a limited power of attorney), whereby the decision is made in accordance with the agreed investment strategy.


For detailed information on the essential rights and obligations arising from an asset management agreement, please refer to the relevant agreements between Valère Consulting SA and its clients.

The investment fund V.C. Wealth Portfolio Fund (UCITS), registered in the Principality Liechtenstein are used especially to clients with smaller assets, but also as a supplement to other mandates. For information on the general risks, characteristics and functioning of the investment fund, we provide you with the corresponding prospectuses.


Client segmentation

Financial service providers allocate their customers to a legally prescribed segment. According to Art. 4 of the Financial Services Act, a client can be classified as a private client, professional client or institutional client.

Based on FIDLEG Art. 4 para. 7, Valère Consulting SA treats all of its customers as private customers and thus grants them the highest possible investor protection.


Information on risks and costs

General risks in trading with financial instruments

The investment advisory and asset management services entail financial risks. Valère Consulting SA provides all clients with a brochure entitled "Risks in Trading with Financial Instruments" before conclusion of the contract.


Risks in connection with the service offered

For a presentation of the risks that may result from the investment strategy for client assets, please refer to the document "Investment Profile", which is an appendix to the Asset Management Agreement.


Information on costs

A fee is charged for the services rendered, which is calculated on the assets under management or on a performance basis. For more detailed information, please read our Asset Management Agreement and General Terms and Conditions..


Information about conflicts of interest

In connection with the financial services offered by  Valère Consulting SA there are no economic ties to third parties; Valère Consulting SA does not accept any retrocession payments and maintains its independence in this context.

Information on the market offer and selection of financial instruments

Valère Consulting SA follows an "open universe approach" and tries to make the best possible choice for the client when selecting financial instruments.

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